~Spiritual Life Team~

~Team Members

Administrator: Fr. Michael Twohig

Team Pastoral Advisor: Patricia L. Smith

C0-Leaders: Dianne Chagnon, Michele Scanlon

Members:  Stan Bohall, Ann Jubinville, 

                    George Wilson, Casey Daviau and Nancy Gagnon

~Mission Statement: "To Engage, Encourage, Enlighten and Evangelize everyone we encounter"


First and foremost our focus is on the celebration of the Mass and fostering a deeper understanding and love of the Eucharist. The Spiritual Life Team is responsible for creating a sacred environment within the church as well as organizing, facilitating and implementation Reconciliation Services, Bible Studies, Candlelight Rosaries, Eucharistic Adoration, Missions, Pilgrimages and any other forum/event with draws us as individuals and as a community closer to God. Our mission begins at St. Theresa Church but blossoms out into the community where it continues with Christ's discipleship as we the members of St. Theresa's Parish interact with the public.

~Purpose: Our purpose is to help facilitate the spiritual journey of parishioners and non-parishioners alike who attend the services and events offered by or in conjunction with St. Theresa of Lisieux. We hope to foster a spiritual growth that is not only personal but is reflected in how we as children of God, love, serve and have compassion for all His people.

~Vision: Our vision is to enhance the spiritual journey of all those who come to our parish or to joint services in which St. Theresa Parish participates with St. Patrick's and Immaculate Heart of Mary(IHM). We hope that those who visit our parish and encounter our witness to Christ, leave with a sense of faith, love, peace and joy which will inspire them to seek God more deeply. Thus inspired by God's overpowering love our prayer is that all in our community will reach out to others and fulfill Christ's request to love and serve as Christ loved and served us.

~Values we hope to foster: grace, piety, love, faith, compassion, hope, mercy, forgiveness, trust, joyfulness, prayerfulness, self-giving.

Team Members lead Jubilee Year of Mercy pilgrimage to The Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA

June 11, 2016

Candlelight Rosary - Glorious Mysteries, May 2016

Crowned Mary_with_child

Pilgrimage to the Icon Museum, Clinton Connecticut 2016

Sorrowful Rosary Spring 2016

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