Pastoral Staff

Rev. Michael J Twohig


(413)532-3228 ext.1

Patricia L  Smith 

Director of Pastoral Ministries, Faith Formation & Youth Ministry

(413)532-3228 ext. 116

Barbara Lissandri

Director of Music


Director of Music

Administrative Staff

Barbara SextoN

Parish Receptionist

Parish Phone: 413-532-3228 ext. 110

Office Hours: Mon-Thur 9am-1pm

Rebecca Monroe

Media Administrator & Executive Chef of Food ministry



Carol Reznik

Administrative Assistant

Parish Phone: 413-532-3228 ext. 121

Lucian Roy



Finance Council(Volunteer)


     Buildings/Grounds: Team Leader TBD


Webmaster: Patricia L Smith, Director of Pastoral Ministries St. Theresa of Lisieux.

Web Editor: Rebecca L Monroe, Media Administrator St.Theresa of Lisieux

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