Hospitality Of Saint Theresa 

We welcome anyone who wants to join our parish. We are a caring community and will extend help to anyone who needs it. We worship in peace and with joy. We encourage a feeling of engagement and community. We organize programs and events that foster community. We support change that improves our church and its parishioners.

Team Leader: Jim Como


Team Treasurer: Fran Como


Team Advisor: Patricia L Smith, Dir. of Pastoral Ministries

Team Participants: 

                                      Ann Fleury

                                     Jan and Eric Girard

                                     Pat and Rudy Kuc

                                     Dottie and Rich McKenna

                                     Doris and Joe Nadeau

                                     Gail Olesiak

                                     Bea Ouimette

                                     Kathy Gallivan

                                     Mike Yonika

                                    Hugette Supinski

                                    Nancy Pickle

                                    Emile Premont

                                    Carol Reznik

                                    Janet Theroux

                                    Margaret and Bill Watt


Webmaster: Patricia L Smith, Director of Pastoral Ministries St. Theresa of Lisieux.

Web Editor: Rebecca L Monroe, Media Administrator St.Theresa of Lisieux

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