Faith Formation seeks to make disciples--"to put people not only in touch, but also in communion and intimacy, with Jesus Christ."

(GDC #80)

Patricia L. Monroe, Director of Faith Formation 

Rev. Michael J. Twohig, Parochial Administrator 

People Feeding People Program


is at the heart of all faith formation. All we do as evangelizers is guided by this goal; faith formation seeks to inform, form and transform individuals, families and the entire community in the Catholic faith.  This three-fold aim includes nurturing people's minds and hearts in the wisdom of the Catholic faith so that who they are and how they live is deeply influenced by what they "know" (inform), nurturing people's identity and lifestyle in Christian discipleship (form), and empowering people to live their faith so that the world is transformed by the Christian vision (transform).

Our Faith Formation K-11 process is called ARISE!. To find out more please go to the ARISE! page of this website...