Team Leader: Carol Reznik

Members: Sandy Murray, Megan Hebert, Teresa Ramsby

Team Advisor: Rebecca L Monroe




To communicate who we are as a parish in one consistent, harmonious voice to inform, inspire, invite and involve people in encountering Christ.




We will clearly and consistently communicate who we are as a parish in a contemporary and relevant way, to involve our parishioners, visitors and neighbors in drawing closer to Christ and to The Church. We will lead the way in with innovative messaging and branding that says, “Come in, God meets you where you are”. 


Mission (how are we going to get there)


Through the development of a contemporary, recognizable brand for Saint Theresa Parish, defined through our logo, website, bulletin, social media; offering an innovative and targeted use of all media and technologies, including an expanded website and social media presence, to expand our reach into the community.

The Team's first priority was on updating our parish logo, bulletin and website. 

We designed a contemporary new logo for Saint Theresa parish and marked the occasion with balloons and and a cake that featured the logo. We plan to continue enhancing the design further to reflect the dynamics of our parish and honor our Patron Saint.

The  Team chose LPI Publications as our new bulletin vendor. Our parish Media Administrator, collaborating with the Team, took us from a black and white format to a vibrant, full- color bulletin that is advertising supported.  Printing is accomplished off-site by LPI, freeing that time up to devote to content, and keeping out parishioners well-informed.

Our most intensive focus was given to developing a contemporary new website to serve as the "virtual front door" to our parish, both for parishioners, our community and beyond. We researched five website platforms and selected for its combination of high customization capability, ease of design and maintenance, and affordability. Patricia Monroe developed the site format and initial content, and went live in mid- August, 2016. The website will continue to expand to be the central place for all parish information, resources and inspiration - our online home to say this is who we are - and as an open invitation to join us for the journey of a lifetime.

Other initiatives include increasing our social media usage and presence and collaborating for a consistent voice, look and feel across all our communications and platforms. We plan to make effective use of all forms of media available to express the life of our vibrant and welcoming parish family.